Keep it Cozy with these Sustainable Home Decor Brands!

Whether you’re a new homeowner or have watched one too many home makeover shows, redesigning your interior spaces can be a fun and cathartic activity. There are countless benefits to redecorating your home. A fresh take on your living situation can improve your mood, personalize your space, and even add value to the house.

EV drivers and others who pursue a carbon-free lifestyle are always looking for ways to integrate their green values into daily routines and everyday purchases. Why not seek out sustainable products for your home decor as well? There are dozens of eco-interior design brands featuring everything from plump pillows to colorful throw rugs to sleek green energy lighting features.

  • Before diving into our home decor guide, let’s first discuss what makes an eco-friendly furnishing.
  • Look for brands that use a high percentage of recycled or reclaimed textiles in their products.
  • Choose features made from natural materials, like bamboo and stone.
  • Opt for reusable substances like glass, metal, hardwood, and ceramics.
  • Prioritize B Corp brands that meet reputable certification standards like the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, ECOLOGO, or Greenguard.
  • Avoid mega-sites like Wayfair and Amazon and support local artists and craftspeople instead.
  • And finally, purchase timeless pieces that make you happy — you’ll be less likely to replace them as your tastes change.

Green interior design choices are less toxic for your family and the environment. Plus, with so many different designers and labels to choose from, you can match any aesthetic. Whether you’re a Marie Kondo minimalist or a whimsical knick-knack collector, you’ll find something to love in our guide to sustainable home decor.

Uncommon Goods

With everything from pumpkin-shaped tea lights to Morrocan soup bowls and 3D flower art, we love Uncommon Goods for being, well, uncommon. Uncommon Goods is budget-friendly and highly personalized. They foster a team of artists and designers to create high-quality, well-crafted pieces for your home. Uncommon Goods artists integrate sustainable materials as much as possible, and the brand leans on eco-friendly marketing and packaging. Plus, all products in their extensively quirky inventory are free from animal-based fibers like leather, feathers, and fur.

Top choice: These nifty champagne flutes are handmade from recycled wine bottles and are the perfect gift for anyone. Cheers!

The Joinery

Are you in the market for some genuinely stunning furniture? The Joinery is a traditional woodworking business based out of Oregon. Every piece of furniture is one-of-a-kind and handmade from solid hardwood (so prepare to wait several months before your order arrives). Besides the astounding level of craftsmanship, the Joinery adheres to strict environmental practices like recycled lumber, biodiesel delivery vehicles, and solar- and wind-powered facilities. To top it all off, the Joinery team is so confident in the quality and durability of their artistry that they offer a lifetime guarantee.

Top choice: This walnut live edge bed frame is the centerpiece of our rustic dreams.


Shopping from Etsy sellers can be an easy way to find sustainable products that support small, local businesses. Etsy is a massive platform, though, so it’s difficult for the company to regulate each and every seller (consumers need to be wary of mass-produced nonsense). However, some Etsy shops are true sustainability gems — MagicLinen is a family-run business specializing in high-quality linen textiles. It’s your go-to storefront for chic bedding, curtains, and tablecloths. All of their products are super durable, easy to clean, and free from harmful chemicals. You’ll fall in love with their warm earth tones like cinnamon, matcha, charcoal, and woodrose.

Top choice: This sage linen-cotton bedding set adds a gentle pop of color to your primary bedroom (you can even buy matching pajamas!).

Prosperity Candle

If you’re feeling romantic, check out the highly curated selection of home products from Prosperity Candle. This charming retailer is a member of The Little Market family, a nonprofit organization with a mission to support female and underrepresented artisans worldwide. Prosperity Candle emphasizes quality, sustainability, and fair trade practices. In addition to making your house smell amazing, all of their candles are made from vegan, coconut-soy wax and natural fragrances (no toxic dyes here).

Top choice: Make your space smell like fresh-baked cookies with this ultra-cozy gingerbread spice candle.


For bedding, Parachute’s storefront is worth a browse. They design their product lines with a simple, modern touch. Choose from super soft organic cotton sheets, sateen pillowcases, or an indulgent velvet quilt. Besides bringing a bit of luxury to your bedroom, Parachute is proudly Climate-Neutral certified, meaning the brand tracks its annual emissions and compensates the planet accordingly by purchasing verified carbon credits. Additionally, Parachute practices responsible sourcing for its materials, ethical manufacturing, and meaningful investment in DEI initiatives. The bedding is a little pricey, but you can sleep soundly knowing you spent your dollars wisely.

Top choice: Chilly night? Curl up under this oversized alpaca throw.

West Elm

West Elm is the largest company on this list. With 100 retail stores and a massive global market, the brand doesn’t fit your curated, eco aesthetic at first glance. But West Elm’s influence on the market means its environmental and social decisions have a notable impact. This company was the first home decor brand to join the Fair Trade USA movement, and its products meet a range of vetted sustainability certifications. West Elm has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in small, local artisans, and 95% of its extensive product list is designed in-house. Finally, because West Elm has such a significant presence, it’s a highly accessible brand with products for any budget.

Top choice: Seeking a more modern finish for a home office? Check out this super sleek, Fair Trade Certified LED floor lamp.

Bring your EV life into your home and create an eco-oasis. Before making a purchase, consider each item’s materials, craftsmanship, packaging, and marketing. Keep an eye out for misleading greenwashing campaigns; instead, look for third-party certifications and meaningful, ethical production standards. Buy second-hand when you can. You don’t have to compromise. Whatever your home decor vision, there’s a sustainable option for you.

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By evee Life Contributor

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