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You love nature. Nothing beats spending a night camped out under the stars. In fact, it’s that very love of nature that inspires you to make sustainable choices when shopping for everything from a kitchen sponge to the vehicle you drive to work.

What if you could combine your love of nature and sustainability into one perfectly polished package? With the arrival of the newest electric RV trailer, you can do just that. Pebble has announced their all-electric RV trailer — Pebble Flow. This EV trailer packs in top-quality amenities while keeping a keen focus on sustainability and green energy.

Today, we’re going to give you a sneak peek at what makes the Pebble Flow such a state-of-the-art EV trailer choice and why it might be the ultimate camping enthusiast’s dream come true.

Sustainability that Moves

Camping is a favorite pastime for many sustainability-focused individuals. After all, what could possibly bring you closer to the planet than sleeping surrounded by tall pine trees or along a lakeside? It’s this love of the outdoors that inspired the California-based company Pebble to design its stunning electric RV trailer.

The Pebble Flow is the perfect solution for those who want to spend time grounding in the forest but still enjoy the luxury comforts of home.

First, let’s talk about the design and build of the Pebble Flow — this is not your grandpa’s Winnebago. The Pebble Flow was designed using rigorous automotive manufacturing processes that make the EV trailer extremely durable. However, at first glance, you won’t be contemplating the aluminum frame construction or top-notch safety. No, this all-electric RV trailer is a true head-turner. The sleek design takes a page straight out of Apple’s book, offering a futuristic, minimalist design that melds into natural settings with ease.

This sleek design also makes the travel trailer 300 percent as aerodynamic as a conventional trailer. You’ll enjoy better mileage, longer range, and a safer towing experience — a win for you and a win for the planet.

Charge and Go

One of the key benefits of the Pebble Flow is how simple it is to charge the battery pack. You’ll have a myriad of options for keeping your mobile home on wheels powered. First, you can plug in using a standard AC and DC charger at home, in camp, or at a public charging station. Secondly, when you’re in motion, something magical is happening. The Pebble Flow uses a regenerative charging function to add power to your battery pack while it is being towed.

Finally — and perhaps one of the most incredible things about this electric RV trailer — the Pebble Flow is equipped with a 1kW integrated solar solution. Panels on the roof of your trailer will self-charge whether you are in motion or you are in camp. Your all-electric RV trailer is literally topping off its power supply every second the sun is out. Pebble itself claims that the incredible solar array is equal to being plugged into a 110V outlet!

All that power needs somewhere to go, and Pebble delivers with a 45 kW lithium ferrophosphate (LFP) battery — one of the safest on the market.

No matter how you choose to charge your battery, you can enjoy up to a full seven days of off-grid power. That means, while you’re in camp, you can use your appliances, flip on the lights, and enjoy the vast amenities this EV trailer offers without worrying about being on-grid. When you pull your electric RV trailer back into your driveway, consider your trailer as an emergency backup power supply.

RVing Made Simple

When you first catch a glimpse of the Pebble Flow, you might find yourself a touch bit intimated. After all, the EV trailer looks a bit like a futuristic spaceship. Who wants to bang up something so beautiful?

Well, the good news is that Pebble designed this EV trailer to abate the fears of even the most novice of campers. First, there’s the Magic Hitch. This hitch allows the trailer to sight, align, and hitch itself up your towing vehicle, without your aid. That’s right, you can say goodbye to awkwardly backing up, turning, backing up, and turning — all while your significant other yells out, “A little to the left, a little to the right!”

Want to have even more fun with it? Connect to the Pebble app and use the Remote Control feature. You can use the remote control to park, maneuver, pivot, or adjust the trailer’s position with the tap of a finger.

Hitching up and unhitching in camp is simple, but what about the rest of setting up camp? Pebble has you covered here as well. The Instacamp feature deploys your stairs and awning while auto-leveling stabilizers make sure your EV trailer is perfectly positioned.

You can also use the Pebble app to control your lights, lock and unlock doors, set your interior temperature, and kick on your internet connection — that’s right, your internet connection. Equipped with Starlink, you can work from anywhere, making this the digital nomad’s dream rig.

Settle in and Stretch Out in Comfort

After a long day of hiking in the mountains or strolling the beach line, your electric RV trailer waits to cocoon you in comfort. Cook up a delicious dinner on the induction cooktop or heat something up in the four-in-one convection microwave. Grab a drink out of the full-size fridge and use the flip-up service window to transform your culinary experience into an outdoor immersion.

Speaking of nature, it will never feel far away with the panoramic views of the 270-degree windows that wrap around the trailer.

Shower away the day’s grime in the spa-like bathroom, and kick on the silent HVAC system to sleep in comfort. Adding to the innovative design of the Pebble Flow is the convertible furniture. A queen-size Murphy bed is lowered down with the touch of a button, and numerous spaces throughout the EV trailer can be converted between daytime and nighttime use.

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By evee Life Contributor

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